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ARC ( Rydberg Calculator) is package of routines written in Python, using object-oriented programming (OOP) to make modular, reusable and extendable collection of routines and data for performing useful calculations of single atom and two-atom properties, like level diagrams, interactions and transition strengths for alkali and alkaline earth metal atoms.



Support for divalent atoms and some of the functions (Wavefunction, AtomSurfaceVdW, OpticalLattice1D, DynamicPolarizability, and optical materials properties)in this modules will be released in the forthcoming ARC 3.0.0 version. To used them now as a beta feature do:

from arc.beta import *

Publication describing this upgrade is in preparation (check this place soon). For now cite as “E. J. Robertson, N. Šibalić, R. M. Potvliege and M. P. A. Jones, in preparation (2020)”.

Package structure

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Overview of modules and interdependencies in the arc package. Click on image to enlarge.

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Authors:Nikola Šibalić, Jonathan D. Pritchard, Charles S. Adams, Kevin J. Weatherill
Licence:BSD 3-Clause
Version:3.0.0 of 2020/01/17