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ARC ( Rydberg Calculator) is package of routines written in Python, using object-oriented programming (OOP) to make modular, reusable and extendable collection of routines and data for performing useful calculations of single atom and two-atom properties, like level diagrams, interactions and transition strengths for alkali and divalent atoms.

Package structure

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Overview of modules and interdependencies in the arc package. Click on image to enlarge.

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Nikola Šibalić, Elizabeth J. Robertson, Jonathan D. Pritchard, Robert M. Potvliege, Matthew P. A. Jones, Charles S. Adams, Kevin J. Weatherill, and contributors.

Cite as:

If you use alkali atoms:

N. Šibalić, J. D. Pritchard, K. J. Weatherill, C. S. Adams, ARC: An open-source library for calculating properties of alkali Rydberg atoms, Computer Physics Communications 220, 319 (2017)

If you use divalent atoms or new features introduced in ARC 3.0:

E. J. Robertson, N. Šibalić, R. M. Potvliege, M. P. A. Jones, ARC 3.0: An expanded Python toolbox for atomic physics calculations, arXiv:2007.12016

In addition, if you use arc_advanced extensions check arc.advanced .


BSD 3-Clause


3.0.0 of 2020/07/27