class StarkMapResonances(atom1, state1, atom2, state2)[source]#

Calculates pair state Stark maps for finding resonances

Tool for finding conditions for Foster resonances. For a given pair state, in a given range of the electric fields, looks for the pair-state that are close in energy and coupled via dipole-dipole interactions to the original pair-state.

See Stark resonances example snippet.



In checking if certain state is dipole coupled to the original state, only the highest contributing state is checked for dipole coupling. This should be fine if one is interested in resonances in weak fields. For stronger fields, one might want to include effect of coupling to other contributing base states.


findResonances(nMin, nMax, maxL, eFieldList)

Finds near-resonant dipole-coupled pair-states



Plots initial state Stark map and its dipole-coupled resonances