class DynamicPolarizability(atom, n, l, j, s=0.5)[source]#

Calculations of magic wavelengths and dynamic polarizability (scalar and tensor).

  • atom – alkali or alkaline element of choice

  • n (int) – principal quantum number of the selected stated

  • l (int) – orbital angular momentum of the selected state

  • j (float) – total angular momentum of selected state

  • s (float) – optional, spin state of the atom. Default value of 0.5 is correct for Alkali atoms, but it has to be explicitly specified for DivalentAtom.


defineBasis(nMin, nMax)

Defines basis for calculation of dynamic polarizability

getPolarizability(driveWavelength[, units, ...])

Calculates of scalar, vector, tensor, core and pondermotive polarizability, and returns state corresponding to the closest transition resonance.


plotPolarizability(wavelengthList[, mj, ...])

Plots of polarisability for a range of wavelengths.