ShirleyMethod.defineShirleyHamiltonian(fn, debugOutput=False)[source]#

Create the Shirley time-independent Floquet Hamiltonian.

Uses bareEnergies and V from StarkBasisGenerator to build. Matrix is stored in three parts. First part is diagonal electric-field independent part stored in H0, while the second part B corresponds to off-diagonal elements that are propotional to electric field amplitude. The third part is the diagonal Floquet expansion proportional to electric field frequency. Overall interaction matrix for electric field eField and freq can be then obtained from A B blocks A = H0 + dT * freq and B = B * eField.

These matrices are saved as sparse CSR to facilitate calculations and minimize memory footprint.


fn (int) – rank of Floquet Hamiltonian expansion. Only fn+1 multi-photon processes are accurately accounted for.