OpticalLattice1D.getWannierFunction(x, latticeIndex=0, k=1)[source]#

Gives value at cooridnate x of a Wannier function localized at given lattice index.

  • x (float) – spatial coordinate (in units of \(2\pi/k\) ; for default value of laser drivng wavevecto \(k=1\) , one trappinWavelength is \(2\pi\) ). Coordinate origin is at latticeIndex=0 .

  • latticeIndex (int) – optional, lattice index at which the Wannier function is localised. By defualt 0.

  • k (float) – optional; laser driving wavevector, defines unit of length. Default value is 1, making one trapping laser wavelenth equal to \(2\pi\)