RWAStarkShift.makeRWA(efields, freqs, maxRes=0.0, zip_inputs=False)[source]#

Calculates the total Rotating-Wave Approximation AC stark shift

Interaction is between targetState with each dipoleCoupledStates [i]. Resulting shifts are saved in Hz to starkShifts .

Function automatically produces the outer product space of the inputs. For example, if eFields has two elements and freqs and 10, the output shifts will have a shape of (2,10). If one of the inputs is a single value, that dimension is squeezed out.

findDipoleCoupledStates must be run fist.

  • efields (float or sequence of floats) – electric field amplitude in V/m

  • freqs (float or sequence of floats) – electric field frequency in Hz

  • maxRes (float, optional) – only include dipole transitions with frequences less than this. Specified in Hz.

  • zip_inputs (bool, optional) – Causes the calculation to zip the inputs instead of an outer product. Inputs must be of equal shape when True. Default is False.