AtomSurfaceVdW.getStateC3(n, l, j, coupledStatesList, s=0.5, debugOutput=False)[source]#

Van der Waals atom-surface interaction coefficient for a given state (\(C_3\) in units of \(\mathrm{J}\cdot\mathrm{m}^3\) )

  • n (int) – principal quantum number of the state

  • l (int) – orbital angular momentum of the state

  • j (int) – total angular momentum of state

  • coupledStatesList (array) – array of states that are strongly dipole-coupled to the initial state, whose contribution to \(C_3\) will be take into account. Format [[n1,l1,j1],…]

  • s (float, optional) – total spin angular momentum for the considered state. Default value of 0.5 is correct for AlkaliAtoms, but it has to be explicitly specifiied for DivalentAtom.

  • debugOutput (bool, optional) – prints additional output information, False by default.


\(C_3\) (in units of \({\rm J}\cdot {\rm m}^3\) ), estimated error \(\delta C_3\)

Return type

float, float