StarkMap.getPolarizability(maxField=10000000000.0, showPlot=False, debugOutput=False, minStateContribution=0.0)[source]#

Returns the polarizability of the state (set during the initalization process).

Fits offset of the energy level of the state to \(\frac{1}{2} \alpha_0 E^2\), where \(E\) is the applied static electric field, and returns fitted value \(\alpha_0\)

  • maxField (float, optional) – maximum field (in V/m) to be used for fitting the polarizability. By default, max field is very large, so it will use eigenvalues calculated in the whole range.

  • showPlot (bool, optional) – shows plot of calculated eigenValues of the given state (dots), and the fit (solid line) for extracting polarizability

  • debugOutput (bool, optional) – if True prints additional information usefull for debuging. Set to false by default.


scalar polarizability in units of MHz cm \(^2\) / V \(^2\)

Return type