class WignerDmatrix(theta, phi, gamma=0.0)[source]#

WignerD matrices for different j states in a specified rotated basis.

This matrix converts components of angular momentum j givne in one basis into components of angular momentum calculated in the basis which is rotated by theta around y-axis, and then by phi around z-axis. Use:

wgd = WignerDmatrix(theta,phi)
# let's rotate state with angular momentum 1
dMatrix = wgd.get(j)
stateNewBasis =
  • theta (float) – rotation around y-axis

  • phi (float) – rotation around z-axis

  • gamma (flaot) – optional, first rotation around z-axis (rotations are in order z-y-z, by gamma, theta and phi respectively) By default 0.

__init__(theta, phi, gamma=0.0)[source]#


__init__(theta, phi[, gamma])


WignerD matrix for specified basis for states with angular momenutum j.