StarkMap.diagonalise(eFieldList, drivingFromState=[0, 0, 0, 0, 0], progressOutput=False, debugOutput=False, upTo=4, totalContributionMax=0.95)[source]#

Finds atom eigenstates in a given electric field

Eigenstates are calculated for a list of given electric fields. To extract polarizability of the originaly stated state see getPolarizability method. Results are saved in eFieldList, y and highlight.

  • eFieldList (array) – array of electric field strength (in V/m) for which we want to know energy eigenstates

  • progressOutput (bool, optional) – if True prints the progress of calculation; Set to false by default.

  • debugOutput (bool, optional) – if True prints additional information usefull for debuging. Set to false by default.

  • upTo ('int', optional) – Number of top contributing bases states to be saved into composition attribute; Set to 4 by default. To keep all contributing states, set upTo = -1.

  • totalContributionMax ('float', optional) – Ceiling for contribution to the wavefunction from basis states included in composition attribute. Composition will contain a list of [coefficient, state index] pairs for top contributing unperturbed basis states until the number of states reaches upTo or their total contribution reaches totalContributionMax, whichever comes first. totalContributionMax is ignored if upTo = -1.