StarkMap.getState(state, electricField, minN, maxN, maxL, accountForAmplitude=0.95, debugOutput=False)[source]#

Returns basis states and coefficients that make up for a given electric field the eigenstate with largest contribution of the original state.

  • state (array) – target basis state in format \([n,\ell,j,m_j]\) corresponding to the state whose composition we want to track as we apply the electric field

  • electricField (float) – applied DC electric field in units of V/m.

  • minN (int) – minimal principal quantum number to be taken for calculation of the Stark mixing

  • maxN (int) – maximal principal quantum nunber to be take for calculation of the Start mixing

  • maxL (int) – maximal orbital angular momentum of states that should be taken in calculation of the Stark mixing

  • accountForAmplitude (float) – optinal, relative amplitude of state that should be reached with the subset of the eigen states returned. The returned eigen states will be sorted in the declining relative contribution to the final eigen state, and once total accounted amplitude of the state reaches 0.95, further output of additional small contribution of the other basis states to the final states will be supressed. Default value of 0.95 will force output until basis state accounts for 95% of the state amplitude.

  • debugOutput (bool) – optional, prints additional debug information if True. Default False.


array of states in format [[n1, l1, j1, mj1], …] and array of complex coefficients in format [c1, c2, …] corresponding the projections of the eigenstate (thas has largest contribution of the original state in the given electric field) on the basis states, and energy of the found state in (eV)